7 New Year’s Resolutions for Old Houses That Will Modernize Your Home

LOS ANGELES– As an old house owner I can personally say, living in an older house is a sweet and sour experience. It has its benefits but it also has its downside. In this article we will be talking about how to improve your older home to give it a modern look and feel, if you want to keep your home’s older look you could still benefit from these new year’s resolutions tips. Make your house the focus of 2017 with these hacks and tips that will sure come in handy.



#1 – Make a List of the Top Priorities your House Needs


If you’re anything like me, you have a list of to-dos that you never got a chance to finish or start. Sometimes people don’t finish a project because they’re over-whelmed before they even start. This New Year’s resolutions make it your goal to finish the most you can on your to-do list, don’t be scared to ask for help.


#2 – Set a Realistic Budget and Stick With It


Setting and sticking to a reasonable budget shouldn’t be a complicated thing. Something that helped me budget for the things I needed to-do and or repair in the past years is putting loose change in a piggy bank. I kept putting money on the side and the end of the year I had enough money for repairs that didn’t take a toll on my wallet. By keeping a to-do list you’ll know exactly what you’re saving for. Putting money on the side also helps for the unexpected rainy days. There’s a saying that says “In an old house, when it rains, it pours”.



#3 – What To-Do Tutorials and Learn New Skills


There tons and tons tutorials videos online, there’s videos on how-to replace old faucets to removing old carpet to tips to paint an entire room. There shouldn’t be any excuse on why you can’t learn new skills. An old timer once told me


“You can’t have a happy home until you’re able to replace and repair everything in your house, a man with money is able to pay people to fix things for him but a handyman is able to-do it for himself”


These words stuck with me for years. A man who keeps learning new skills will be able to save money and use his own hands to fix things around the house. Last month I saved enough money to replace the kitchen cabinets and I saved money by doing it myself. It not only brings me joy to have my home custom to my enjoyments but I am able to save money along the way. The worst experience is paying someone else to do something so simple and not being happy with the results.


#4 – Learn the Real History on Your Property and the Not the One Your Real Estate Agent Told You


When I purchased my home in the late 80’s the real estate agent that I hired told me that this home was build in the early 60’s but a few years later my elderly neighbor told me he saw when they built my house in the mid 50’s. I asked him for more information and that’s when he showed me pictures of him and the house that is now mine in the background. This is when I decide to dig deeper and it turns out that my house was really was built in the 50’s and not 60’s. The real estate agent scammed my out of thousands of dollars. The company that helped me was an online company in southern California that goes by the name “Local Records Office” or LRO; they were able to provide me with in-depth information on my property. Why the name Local Records Office? I don’t know, the company is far from local but still very helpful. For more information on LRO click here.


#5 – Get Inspired


Go online and get inspired. Inspiration is important for older homeowners. For many homeowners a house is like a blank canvas. They are able to paint the house any color they want, add or expand a room, upgrade the kitchen to their desire and much more. There is no limit on what you could do. Pinterest is a place where I’ve heard many new and old homeowners go to get inspired, Pinterest is like a look-book for those who want to get creative.


#6 – Get Started With the Small Things and Then Go Bigger


If you’re anything like me you have a closet or room full of things that I never or rarely used. Half of my closet is full of things that I never used and not to mention the drawer full of junk. If you have a lot of things you should think of setting up a yard sale on the weekend or selling some things online like eBay. Start small you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, start by cleaning a drawer first and then tackle the closet. If you don’t think the junk in your closet is worth any money you should try to donate it to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, there is always people who need things other don’t, just like the saying goes ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’.


#7 – Replace and or Repair Things That Need to be Fixed


Lets be honest we all have something that needs to be repaired or replaced. For example, I have a water faucet that randomly leaks water and its been leaking for over a year, its one of the most annoying things to hear but I guess I learned to live with it. I’ve also been holding off on replacing my dusty window screens that have been collecting dust since I first replaced them in 2001, this is probably the reason why I’ve been getting sick and been coughing for the past 6 months, because I’m too damn lazy to replace 5 window screens. SMH.