Tips For When You Are Moving With Kids

Moving is a daunting task, even for an individual with no children or dependents to take into consideration. As a parent, you will need to manage your own moving arrangements while assistant  your kids with this major transition. Use these tips to keep the moving process kid friendly and stress free.

Announcing the Move to the Kids

Gather the entire family together to discuss the move. Regardless of whether you are moving due to a new job or a new housing opportunity, express your excitement and enthusiasm.

Carefully explain to your kids how the move will affect them. They will have to cope with a new home, a new bedroom, a new neighborhood and potentially even a new school. Encourage your kids to speak up about their fears and concerns.

Share a story about the first time you moved to a new home. Let kids know that you appreciate their help during this time of transition for the entire family.

Involving The Kid

Let your children help you pack. Younger kids can sort out their toys and clothes or help you to blanket items in bubble wrap. Older kids can pack their own personal belongings and determine which items they no longer need.

Take kids to see the new home and town. If the new destination is too for a quick visit, look for virtual tours or street views online. Describe the neighborhood and the new home. As you plan, pack, and move, invite your kids to offer their opinions and questions freely.

Reducing Clutter

A move is an excellent opportunity to clean up the clutter around your home. There are most likely a multitude of items that don’t need to be transferred to the new house. Along with other family members, evaluate which items can be sold, donated or tossed.

Children may want to hold onto sentimental items such as clothes or old toys. Allow them to retain the items that have a strong emotional value. Encourage them to donate non essential items in order to improve the life of a child in need.

As you pack, carefully label each box and container. Rather than simply summing up a box’s contents with “toys” or “kitchen”, include a brief list of the items inside.

Be a Tourist

As you begin to settle into your new home, take a tour of the neighborhood and town as if you were a temporary visitor. Consider investing in local maps and guidebooks to get a sense of the area’s history and attractions.

Highlight all that a new area has to offer for kids and family members. Encourage kids to bring along new friends as you explore museums, parks and local destinations.


As they change schools or homes, kids may become insecure about other fundamental components of their lives changing, too. Let your children know that you will always be there to love and support them, even as their environment changes.

Sometimes it’s not easy dealing with kids and grandkids but with a little practice you will have it under control.