7 New Year’s Resolutions for Old Houses That Will Modernize Your Home

As the owner of an older house, I can attest that living in one can be both delightful and challenging. While there are certain advantages to living in a vintage home, there are also some drawbacks. This article will provide advice on how to enhance your older home’s appearance and ambiance to give it a modern touch. Even if you prefer to maintain your home’s traditional appearance, these New Year’s resolution tips will still be useful. Elevate your house’s status with these practical tips and hacks.

1. Make a List of the Top Priorities your House Needs

If you’re similar to me, you may have a to-do list that remains unfinished or untouched. Occasionally, individuals abandon a task due to feeling overwhelmed before even beginning. This year, make it a resolution to complete as much as possible on your to-do list, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance.

2. Set a Realistic Budget and Stick With It

Creating and sticking to a practical budget doesn’t have to be complicated. One strategy that has helped me budget for necessary repairs and expenses in the past is to save loose change in a piggy bank. By consistently putting money aside throughout the year, I was able to accumulate enough funds to cover repairs without straining my wallet. Additionally, maintaining a to-do list helps prioritize and budget for specific tasks. Building a savings cushion also prepares you for unexpected expenses, which is especially important when owning an old house – as the saying goes, “When it rains, it pours”.

3. What To-Do Tutorials and Learn New Skills

There are numerous tutorial videos available on the internet, covering everything from replacing old faucets to removing old carpets and painting entire rooms. With such a wealth of resources available, there is no excuse not to learn new skills. I once received advice from an experienced individual on this matter.

“You can’t have a happy home until you’re able to replace and repair everything in your house, a man with money is able to pay people to fix things for him but a handyman is able to-do it for himself”

These words have stayed with me for years: a person who continues to learn new skills can save money and use their own hands to fix things around the house. Last month, I was able to save enough money to replace my kitchen cabinets by doing it myself. It not only brings me joy to have my home customized to my liking, but I am also able to save money along the way. The worst experience is paying someone else to do something that is simple and not being satisfied with the results.

4. Learn the Real History of Your Property and Not the One Your Real Estate Agent Told You

When I bought my house in the late 1980s, my real estate agent told me it was built in the early 1960s. However, after a few years, my elderly neighbor shared that he had seen the construction of my house in the mid-1950s and even showed me pictures of himself with my house in the background. I decided to investigate further and discovered that my house was actually built in the 50s, not the 60s, and the real estate agent had scammed me out of thousands of dollars.

Fortunately, I was able to get help from an online company based in Southern California called the “Local Records Office” (LRO), which provided me with detailed information on my property. Despite the company not being local, they were incredibly helpful.

5. Get Inspired

Getting inspired online is crucial for homeowners who want to renovate their older homes. A house is like a blank canvas for many homeowners. They can choose to paint it any color, add or expand rooms, upgrade their kitchen, and much more. The possibilities are endless. Pinterest is a popular platform where both new and experienced homeowners can go to find inspiration. It’s like a lookbook for those who want to get creative with their home renovations.

6. Get Started With the Small Things and Then Go Bigger

If you’re like me, you might have a room or closet that’s filled with items you rarely or never use. I found that half of my closet was occupied by things I didn’t need, and my drawer was overflowing with junk. If you’re in the same boat, consider having a yard sale over the weekend or selling items online, such as on eBay. You can start small by cleaning out a single drawer and then move on to the closet. Even if you don’t think the items are worth selling, consider donating them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. As the saying goes, “One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

7. Replace and or Repair Things That Need to be Fixed

To be truthful, many of us have something in our homes that requires repair or replacement. Personally, I have been dealing with a leaky water faucet for over a year, which is one of the most irritating sounds to listen to. Additionally, I have been postponing replacing my window screens which have been gathering dust since their initial replacement in 2001. This may be the reason why I have been coughing and feeling unwell for the past six months, but I have been too lazy to replace the five screens.